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Brain Changer Transfer Package 

The Brain Changer Transfer Package shows people with chronic pain how to transfer pain education from the clinic into their daily life.  There are three elements to the package:

  • A pacing tool which shows patients how to recognize when the brain is escalating their status away from ‘safe’ and it prompts them to counter with stronger evidence of safety. This is the core of the package and it is designed to be used as a daily program.
  • An 8 week cycle of Brain Science Bites delivered by text message. These are short grabs of brain science with a prompt to apply them during the day.  Brain Science Bites are designed to re-inforce key elements of pain theory and to keep patients motivated.
  • Access to an online Brain Changer support group. This is a closed FaceBook page where users can share their experiences of using the tool, exchange ideas and support each other’s progress.

The Brain Changer Transfer Package builds on the work of Professor Lorimer Moseley and David Butler.

The Brain Changer Transfer Package has been developed by a chronic pain sufferer (who is now pain free) in conjunction with a physiotherapist who specializes in pain management.  Feedback from GPs, pain psychologists and physiotherapists is that it’s the missing link in pain rehabilitation programs.  Our users say it’s changing their lives.